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General questions:

Discover our expertise and their importance for creating a unique web presence, compatibility with the latest fonctionnality, usage of original content, and assistance for any desired change or upgrade.

1. What is a Online presence, and why do I need one?

Online presence refers to the visibility and accessibility of an individual, business, or organization on the internet. Having an online presence is essential for reaching a wider audience, establishing credibility, and staying competitive in the digital age.

Yes, our websites are strategically crafted to not only showcase your offerings but also attract and engage new customers. We prioritize user-friendly design and content optimization to enhance customer acquisition.

Our website is highly adaptable, catering to a variety of purposes. Whether you need it for e-commerce, blogging, portfolio display, or more, its flexibility allows you to use it in diverse ways to suit your requirements.

The time required to create your website depends on its complexity and specific features. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few days for a basic website to several weeks or months for a more intricate project.

We offer a month of revisions post-delivery to address any concerns or adjustments you may have. Additionally, you have the option to subscribe to a monthly maintenance contract, ensuring continuous support and updates to keep your website optimized and secure.


All our services have a dead end purpose so we’ll never own or store your data/access except if you aske for it, in order to keep a transparance¬†

1. what are additionel charges on my part as a customer?

Additional charges may apply for extra features, customizations beyond the initial scope, third-party integrations, or specific requests outside the agreed-upon project. These will be communicated transparently, and your approval will be sought before incurring any additional costs.

Yes, it is possible to modify website plugins and design to your liking. However, it’s not recommended as it may lead to compatibility issues, security vulnerabilities, or unintended consequences. We advise against extensive modifications to ensure the website’s stability and optimal performance.


There is no specific license renewal; however, you need to renew your hosting and domain annually to keep your website accessible and functional. This renewal is essential for maintaining the online presence and ensuring that your website continues to operate smoothly.

Yes, you can transfer your website to another person or hosting. We provide migration services to facilitate a smooth transition for your website to a new owner or hosting platform.

Yes, you can use the site for commercial business and other activities. The website is versatile and designed to accommodate various purposes, including supporting commercial ventures and diverse activities.

Support & assistance

Explore the support and assictance that come with your purchased plan, including the duration of access, the type of support offered, how to seek assistance for any related issues.

1. How long do I have support and assistance?

You have support and assistance for an initial period post-delivery, typically including a month of assistance. Additionally, you can opt for extended support plans or specific maintenance contracts for ongoing assistance beyond the initial period.

We offer comprehensive support, including assistance with technical issues, bug fixes, and guidance on using and updating the website. Our support covers a range of queries to ensure your website functions smoothly and meets your requirements.

You can reach out for support by contacting our designated support channels, such as email or a dedicated support portal. Simply describe the issue you’re facing, and our team will promptly assist you in resolving any problems with your website.

If your support and assistance expire, you won’t have access to further help or guidance from our team. It’s advisable to consider renewing your support plan or opting for extended assistance to ensure ongoing support for any issues you may encounter with your website.